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Transported Music launched in 2022 as the music division of Transported Audio, a studio led by veteran supervising sound editor Eric Marks, MPSE.  Eric partnered with accomplished composer Daniel Berk to spearhead this new division. With its rapid success and momentum, Daniel & Eric spun the music division off into its own company. In 2023, they formed Transported Music Group LLC, which encompasses both custom music and music library services for a wide array of clients.

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Daniel Berk


Daniel is a Los Angeles based composer for film, television, commercials and all other visual media. Daniel began his career studying music composition, production, and songwriting at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. He writes in a wide range of styles, covering everything from intimate acoustic to modern cinematic, but has a strong passion for trailer and advertisement music.

Early in his career while scoring student films, Daniel trained under accomplished film composer Andrew Gross. After expanding his skill set and knowledge, Daniel began writing music for top networks including Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, A&E and Discovery. Since then, he has earned more than 75 credits working on a wide range of commercial projects including recent feature films for Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, and Lionsgate.

Daniel is excited to be heading the Transported Music team and loves the challenge of finding and creating unique musical sounds to bring to each and every project.

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Eric Marks,


Eric is the founder of Transported Audio and a Supervising Sound Editor with over twelve years of post production sound experience.  He is the Vice President of the Motion Picture Sound Editors, where his work has been nominated for five MPSE Golden Reel Awards.


Eric has supervised and mixed content featured on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney, NFL Network, Star Wars properties, Warner Bros, PBS, Epic Games and EA.  His projects have gone on to premiere at Sundance, Cannes, Tribeca, SXSW and more premiere film festivals worldwide.


Beyond sound as a whole, music has run in Eric’s veins since long before he launched into his career.  Eric started playing the cello in fourth grade, and the piano soon thereafter.  When he’s not in the lab building soundscapes for projects, you can find Eric listening to movie scores on repeat.  It’s been his favorite music genre for decades.


Eric is thrilled to now play an active role in the creation of music for new projects.

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Director of Creative Sync; Ads & Brands

Eden brings years of knowledge and experience both in overseeing and composing for many major global brands such as Nike, NFL, Gatorade, Wrangler, Lego, Nissan, Toyota and more. With a history working on both content production as well as on the music side, Eden has been instrumental in expanding Transported Music's global reach into the advertisement space.


Rooted in his Assyrian heritage, he strives to inspire future generations and uplift stories of people of color. Eden continues to push the boundaries of sonic storytelling by guiding brands to find their own unique sound and maximize marketing efforts through the use of music.

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Music Supervisor

Ben Sokoler, a Los Angeles native and lifelong musician, started his career in music supervision in 2013 after earning his bachelor's degree in music industry from Northeastern University. Over the last decade, Ben has supervised a wide range of film and television projects, receiving multiple nominations for outstanding music supervision for his work, serving the highest quality music to the content creators he collaborates with. 

Supervision credits include award winning films Roxanne Roxanne, The Rider, I Can Only Imagine and tv series Love Death + Robots, Inside Job, and Exploding Kittens. Ben has also worked on projects like Homeland, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, BoJack Horseman, Young Sheldon and many more.


Transported Music is proud to feature & manage top composers from around the globe. We work closely with each and every composer on our team to maintain the highest quality music and deliver songs, library tracks, and scores for our clients.

No matter the genre, style, timeline or budget, we deliver.

After studying piano, harmony, and counterpoint in Italy, Manuele’s passion for epic music and video games led him to trailer music where his goal is to convey deep emotion, support the creative vision and tell a dramatic story through the use of music.

Manuele Carli Ballola

Víctor Herrera Calvo is a classically trained composer specializing in cinematic music who studied classical music and music theory in Spain. He is a winner of numerous awards, and works on films, games, TV, trailer and commercial music in every style.

Víctor Herrera Calvo

Jannick Miki Damkvist, a Danish composer and sound designer, skillfully blends sound design with original composition, ensuring each project receives a unique, client-focused auditory signature that enhances storytelling and immersive experiences.

Jannick Miki Damkvist

Jacalyn DesJarlais is composer and musician based out of Minneapolis, MN, who specializes in trailer music. Her music combines elements of orchestral, electronic, and synthesized genres to create diverse soundscapes. 

Jacalyn DesJarlais

Marek Klemczak, a Polish composer and sound designer, skillfully weaves innovative sound design into his compositions. He creates unique, client-focused auditory signatures enhances storytelling and delivers immersive experiences across trailers, films, TV, video games and commercials.

Marek Klemczak

Gabriel de Leon fuses the grandeur of orchestral arrangements with the pulsating rhythms of modern electronic beats. His soundscapes create a harmonious blend of classical elegance and contemporary energy, captivating audiences with a musical journey that transcends traditional boundaries.

Gabriel de Leon

Blake’s love for films began when he was a youth, but his passion for composing was sparked during his studies in Music Technology at Douglas College in 2014. Blake, who also specializes in electronic music production and sound design has scored over 75 short films and has been a part of 5 feature films thus far in his career.

Blake Matthew

Ezequiel Saralegui is a composer, producer, and sound designer from Argentina with 20 years of experience in the industry. He produces in Orchestral, Rock, EDM, Hip Hop, Pop, and Corporate genres for trailers, film, TV, advertisements, new media, and more.

Ezequiel Saralegui

Melvin is an Australian composer based in Sydney. He crafts captivating musical compositions that seamlessly weave narratives, evoke emotion and paint vivid sonic landscapes that take listeners on enchanting journeys through soundscapes that unfold like intricate, emotive tales.

Melvin Tu


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